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1031 Exchange Security

As popularity in the exchange industry has grown, the industry has recently seen flagrant instances of fraud, theft and illegal handling of exchange funds by some firms who have disregarded their fiduciary duty as a Qualified Intermediary. These unscrupulous business practices have made it absolutely necessary to implement multiple layers of security throughout the exchange process.  Our transparent investing policies have been in place since our firm’s inception, and represent a standard of excellence that clearly leads the 1031 industry.

Strategic 1031 Exchange Advisors is on the cutting edge of technology as we provide our clients with the highest protection and security for their exchange funds. While trust is something all individuals should have, our firm has sought to go a level beyond and remove trust altogether: Funds cannot be transferred unless authorized by both the client and us. To ensure this, we have developed the SEAkey (Secure Exchange Account key), which is like a small electronic device that actually contains a code which changes every 30 seconds. The SEAkey, coupled with our internet safeguards, provides a unique level of security and allows all parties to feel comfortable knowing that funds are secure.   However, for those clients wanting security through the more commonly accepted dual-signature accounts, SEA can accommodate those requests as well.  In addition, we offer our clients the ability to view detailed, accurate account information such as current balance and interest earned.

While the SEAkey and dual-signature account options reflect one layer of protection for client funds, SEA 1031 also implements numerous other safety measures    for our client’s benefit.  At SEA 1031, we hold all client exchange proceeds in segregated accounts.  We do not commingle or pool our client’s funds.  Further, we offer our clients the option to hold funds in either qualified trust or qualified escrow accounts with other third-party financial institutions.  Finally, we offer our clients peace of mind by allowing them to direct both the financial institution and investment vehicle in which we hold their exchange funds.  It is for these many reasons that SEA 1031’s clients experience unparalleled security options when using our firm for their 1031 exchange needs.

INDUSTRY UPDATE:   SEA 1031 Continues to Safeguard Client Exchange Funds


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